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for mutuality. against sexual harassment and assault.



Dare to Care is a joint effort between live music organizers, artists and audience to promote communication, mutuality and consensual sex. We believe that if we all get better at seeing when someone else is at risk of getting hurt it we are also likely to get better at reflecting on our own behavior and how we ourselves handle boundaries. We believe that this is one way to stop sexual harassment and assault.

Join the campaign at #idaretocare


Learn more about how you and your organization can be proactive in stopping sexual harassment and assault through our web training.  It's free for all members of Swedish Live.

Download our manual for free. 

Order campaign material to your venue or festival. 


Learn how you can prevent sexual harassment and assault through our 6 ways

Volunteer with Dare to care at festivals this summer!

Come meet us at festivals, take a selfie and spread awareness among your friends. 

thoughts about
sex, boundaries and mutuality

6 ways to prevent sexual harassment & assault

"Dare to Care - for mutuality and against sexual harassment and assault. if no one else reacts you might have to be the first one who does and then it comes down to a dare - dare to act! it's worth it, you can change the life for someone else." /Hank von Hell

”People tend to ignore when these things happen and we need stop people from doing that. If you like a person it’s all about asking questions and making that person feel comfortable. And about getting to know what that person likes and doesn’t like. And if they’re not interested just leave them alone.” /Jireel

"violence & sexuall harassment and assault does not belong in front of the stage, or anywhere else. we need to help each other to be respectful of music and each other. Everyone can do something. speak up. call a security guard. make yourself heard. it's not okay. dare to care. " /Oscar Zia⁠

feelings, societal norms  and sexual communication

6 ways to

prevent sexual harassment and assault



Think it through before it happens.

What would you do if you saw someone at risk of getting hurt? If you have thought about it in advance, it’s easier to take action in the moment.


Dare to speak up.

Is no one else reacting? Take action anyway. You can be the first link in a chain of people who, together, prevent an assault from happening.


Be considerate rather than suspicious.


Sometimes it’s easier to help the person who’s being harassed instead of focusing on the person doing something wrong. 

Interrupt the situation.

Do something that creates a distraction. Ask an unexpected question or turn the music off. If you know that a sexual assault is going on, fetch a security guard or call the police!


Look around - are other people seeing the same thing you’re seeing? Make contact with them so you can help each other take action.

Make contact with others.


Make contact with and support the person who’s been harassed or assaulted. Offer to act as a witness if necessary.

It’s never to late to help.

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