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dare to care

online training

by offering training to everyone involved in a festival or event, we create a foundation for the audience to also take action and contribute to a culture that support everyone's right to their own body and sexuality.

"The presence of Dare to Care contributed to the commonality at our festival. It encouraged an awareness of being attentive to you fellow human being and caring about each other. This was evident both among us organizers and volunteers, as well as artists and audience. "

- Maria Stejdahl, Chairperson Eksjö Stadsfest

Through the initiative, festival organizers can get trainings in various formats, depending on the needs within each organization. We offer lectures as well as shorter presentations.  ​

Contact Hanna Rothelius, 0702-80 72 17, for more information.


We also offer a web-training. The training includes videos and questions to reflect on. It takes about 20-30 min to go through. You can do it on your own or with a group.

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